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Kansas Expressway Church of Christ

As early as 1832, in Springfield, Missouri, a brush arbor gospel meeting was held at St. Louis Street and Kimbrough Avenue. In 1834, Brother Joel H. Haden established a congregation of the Lord’s church in Springfield’s log courthouse, located on the square.

In 1836, this congregation moved to Joseph Roundtree’s log school at the corner of Main Street and Fulbright Road (College Street).

In 1873, God’s people built a new brick building on the northwest corner of College and Campbell. However, after trouble among brethren over the use of instruments of music in 1889, a split occured, and a new building was built on the southwest corner of Washington and Division streets. This group was also soon taken over by those that introduced the mechanical instruments of music in the worship service.

Around 1910, a congregation called Ebenezer Church of Christ, about nine miles north of Springfield, began contacting members of the church in Springfield. This resulted in a tent meeting on the southeast corner of Boonville and Central streets, in August 1910. After tent meetings in June and August of 1911, on the corner of West Commercial Street and Douglas Avenue, the brethren bought lots at the northeast corner of North Johnston and West Dale streets. After securing land, they built a church home which was completed in December 1911. Then this congregation became known as the Johnston and Dale Church of Christ. In May of 1977, this same congregation moved to the southeast corner of north Kansas Expressway and Talmage Street, in a new building built on five acres of land. At which time they changed their name to the Kansas Expressway Church of Christ.

Today the Kansas Expressway Church of Christ is a vibrant, growing, and working church of our Lord, with Elders, Deacons and a host of other ministers for the sake of Christ. The average attendance today is around 225 people (as of January 2004).